how to get my ex girlfriend back?

okay so i broke up with her 2 mounts ago and the day that we broke up she followed me on ig but yesterday she followed me and i still like her how can i give it a shot ? ( IF U DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY DONT WASTE YOUR TIME IN HERE ANS ANSWER STUPID STUFFS PLS )



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    In the first place, try not to get her back. YOU SHOULD RECONQUER her again, just like you did when she became your GF.

    In breakups, women have a lot of doubt if they did the right thing to break up.

    Avoid to write, call, texting her. It is important that you are not around her, this way she will start to think about the good things again. If you write her, text her, buy her flowers or send her letters, she will be annoyed of it and it confirms that she did the right thing.

    she expects if she calls you that you pick up the phone and do all she asks.

    If she calls you or write you, WAIT to answer her, give her the feeling that you have more important things to do, it will trigger her what can be more important to then her.

    Women that feel bad, will feel better if they make you feel bad, this is another confirmation that they have that they are better off without you (they use you as an emotional tampon)

    It's best that she knows little from you, only the good things, don't post love quotes etc...

    post some cool stuff you do with friends, get some new clothes, look happy (even is you don't feel happy) (people don't like to be around someone that is depressed.

    Don't contact her at all, let her contact you (it can take a week or even a month)

    When she does act as like you hear a friend that you didn't hear for a week, tell her you don't have much time, that you will call her later. Wait few hours and give her a call back, tell her you will be in town to get some goods, if she likes to come over (do it casual, just like you are not asking her to come, don't insist if she doesn't come)

    When you are in contact with her, just talk about daily stuff, DON'T mention your broken relation or the good things you had, etc... (you can say something like lets grab a coffee, guess you still like that flavor that you liked last year, etc...

    if you do it right, you can have your ex girlfriend back

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    Send her love letter

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