Why am I unable to add an attachment to my composed email?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You do not advise what steps were taken that are not working for you...this is how you normally do it

    This link is a compose link for the Newest yahoo format and includes attachments


    This Yahoo help link explains most issues with Attachments



    This link provides a pictorial explanation on attaching files


    On the first page you will see "Here are instructions for yahoo mail" Click on it.


    Another link for attaching files.

    Attaching files to an email - http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=cont%E2%80%A6


    This is a specific link for problems in Internet Explorer


    This link...and the one above it...credit goes to ARTHUR DENT...


    This explain some of the steps in the links above if they are not exactly clear to you.

    Click on the PAPER CLIP just below the subject line when in the NEW...REPLY...FORWARD mode.

    This will bring up the FILE UPLOAD screen. You will see in the LOOK IN box a location with all its contents below it. If what you want to attach is not located there then click on the down arrow on the right side of this box and it will bring up other locations..IE: MY RECENT DOCUMENTS, DESKTOP, MY DOCUMENTS, etc.

    Click on them one at a time until you find what you want to attach in the contents below. Once you find it click on it and it will go to the FILE NAME box near the bottom of the screen. Click on SAVE which places it below the ICON bar at the top of your text area....Click on the LINK again to attach additional files/photos. Be careful not to exceed the 25 mb limit. If you need to exceed this limit you can use this link



    Now...if you cannot locate it do this.... we have to get what you want to attach to your DESKTOP. RIGHT clicking on those items usually pops up a box and gives you the option of where to send it...I send it to the DESKTOP. You will get an icon for it, which you can delete by right clicking on it after you are done. Sometimes when you RIGHT click on whatever you want to move to the DESKTOP you have to click on SAVE LINK AS....If it is an email that you have opened you can click on SAVE IMAGE AS.... When the next box is displayed and DESKTOP is not in the LOOK IN box at the top click on the arrow on the right side of this box and DESKTOP will be an option. Click on it to place it in the LOOK IN box. The item you want should already be in the FILE NAME box at the bottom. If it is not find it in the list below and click on it. That will place it in the FILE NAME box. When you click on SAVE you will now have the ICON on your DESKTOP. If you want to delete this icon after you are done RIGHT click on it and that option will be available NOTE; If what you want is downloaded in some other location already that location will also be available by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the LOOK IN box...


    When all else fails try a different browser...it seems to solve many problems for yahoo users.

    This first link is for Firefox that is optimized for Yahoo





    NOTE: The IE link above is an older version for

    XP. You may have to enter DOWNLOAD IE FOR

    (whatever version you are using) like IE8, IE9, etc

    in your web browser to bring up the download.

  • 7 years ago

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having this problem with attachments in your Yahoo! Mail account! We’ve found that enabling SSL in your Mail Settings often resolves problems with attachments. You can find out the steps to enable SSL (in your settings referred to as “HTTPS”) in the following Yahoo Help article “Turning https on and off”:


    Make sure to completely close your Web browser (every window!) then reopen it after changing this setting. If you continue to experience this problem with attachments after changing this setting, you should have a look at the following Yahoo! Mail Help article “Troubleshooting attachments in Yahoo! Mail” for more help. You can find the link to it below.


    I hope this has helped you!

  • Sharon
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    7 years ago

    Go to Settings, Security tab and make sure https is checked. this may solve the problem.

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