What low level healthcare jobs are most in demand?

Such as pharm tech, cna ect

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  • 7 years ago
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    Certified nurse's aide are indeed in demand but it is a backbreaking job. The pay is very likely low and their turn over rate is high.

    You do get back proportionately the amount (of time) you spend in school when it comes to healthcare. If you spend two months for training as a nurse's aide, you get only for so much.

    If you spend two years for an LVN/LPN, you get more. Spending four years to become a registered nurse, you make even more.

    And of course if you spend 12 to 16 years to become a physician, you make a ton more.

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    7 years ago

    "Low level"?? Not a very nice choice of words. You would need to check out your own area's job market. I believe that all of us working in health care have value and none of us are "low level" people. That is, unless the person is inproficient in their chosen field and/or does it only for the money!

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