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How does this relate to the mind?

My grandfather has a dart board and I was in a bad mood. I thought to myself if I get a bulls eye then I won't kill myself and I missed. Then I thought to myself if I get a bulls eye then I will kill myself and I got a bulls eye. I felt more focused that latter time. Why is that if suicide relates to depression and depression kills your focus that my brain was able to focus more with those thoughts of just offing myself then the thoughts of not offing myself making me more likely to have gotten that bulls eye?

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    Before i say anything, i'd like to chip in what i believe about dart boards. Stricking the bull's eye is 10% skill, 90% random probability.

    That said, i wouldnt bet my life on what happens on that damn thing.

    As to being able to consentrate with depression, yes, for some people, that happens.

    As diverse as our faces and noses and asses are so are our behaviours and stress responses.

    Some depressed patients may talk excessively whiles others hush. Some binge whiles others starve. Some cry, others laugh when there's nothing to show your teeth about.

    So, yeah, its possible you may get that as your own idiocyncracy.

    Then again, the damn board aint nuffin. Remember?

    Source(s): I'm Registered General Nurse.
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