How can I deal with my physco mother!?

I have a lot of family problems, my dad lives in Maryland and I live in Virginia with my mom, stepfather, and brother. But I don't talk to my dad that much so he is irrelevant to this question. But my mom is crazy. I had a great relationship with her until I was getting older like around 12 years old and she met this man who is now my stepfather, they had a great relationship until they got married after 1 year. He was an alcoholic, a really bad one. And my mom always poured her problems out onto me and came crying to me for comfort and I did not know what to do, I couldn't even figure out my math homework and she came to me with her sex life and my stepfather ignoring her and her not knowing what do. How the hell would I know? So I told her that I do not want to be told EVERYTHING about her problems and ever since then she has kind of not liked me anymore. So when I was 13 and a half, me and my brother started building a better relation ship he was 17 at the time. And I noticed that she disliked me even more when this happened. She never liked my brother , and I was always her star that got straight a's and cleaned the house. But I got into highschool and was 14, I started having a boyfriend who I am still with and I drank and smoked weed but I stopped because I wanted to focus on school that I no longer was doing so well in cuz high school is a ***** and school sucks dick. I hate it more than an empty fridge. So I have been keeping myself in my room so I can avoid my mother nagging at me saying how she is disappointed in me and that she misses the way that I used to be and that I'm disrespectful when i always do what she says and am never in her way. She hates how me and my brother have an "alliance" cuz we always hang out, cuz my brother is ******* awesome and we hated each other for a long time and my stepfather is a recovering alcoholic and now my mom is like against me and my brother when we are getting along. I don't like women even tho i am one, i just don't like them cuz they are stupid, complicated, and crazy, pretty much my mother. I want to know what i am doing wrong that is making her hate me and why she is being like this.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I imagine your mom is probably afraid she wants you to continue making good grades and she can see that your boyfriend is not a great influence on you. I also imagine she is taking some of her frustration from her own relationship with your step father out on you as well. Drinking and smoking at such a young age can lead to other things not sex persay but trying heavier drug like speed and cocaine because most people use drugs and alcohol as methods to escape reality. Your mom deep down only wants whats best for you i am sure and even though she's messed up here and their she is only human, and will make mistakes just like you. Instead of locking yourself away talk to your mom try rebuilding the relationship, because then you will at least know that you gave it your all and tried.

  • 7 years ago

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