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Why do I feel like I must urinate but actually dont?

Sorry if this is inappropriate or anything, but sometimes after I pee, it feels like I still have to go yet nothing comes out. Sometimes its really bad and even hurts. After a while it'll go away but its impossible to ignore the annoying feeling and accompanying pain. What could cause and, more importantly fix, this issue? By the way, 19-year-old male.

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    Drink plenty of water daily. Pass urine at regular times 3-4times a day. Do not wait to pass urine until you get the feeling of fullness of the bladder. Avoid any stressful condition and stay cool.

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    most likely a bladder infection. you will need to see a doctor to get some antibiotics to clear this up.

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    go see a doctor sounds like something could be wrong with your urinary tract.

  • 7 years ago

    UTI (urinary tract infection). Look it up.

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