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IOS 6.1.5 ruined my ipod touch 4th generation!?

i just updated my ipod touch 4g to the ios 6.1.5 and it caused my ipod to do things it has never done before. when pressing things you have to press what you want once (then it surrounds what you pressed with a square) and then double tap in order to get to what you want. YOU HAVE TO DOUBLE TAP FOR EVERYTHING!!! Can someone please help me fix this issue! I have tried rebooting it by holding the home button and the power button but it didn't fix anything. What should i do?

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    Sounds like you need a new iPod touch. Given that your iPod touch has an A4 chip with only 256 MB of RAM, its capabilities are very limited. The fifth-generation iPod touch has a dual-core A5 chip, and it runs iOS smoothly.

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    back up your iPod touch to either iCloud or iTunes and restore it using iTunes

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