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I love this girl and she is dating my best friend?

So I have been in love with this girl for about a year and a half and I couldn't work up the courage to tell her about it. Over that time we had become best friends and at that time I decided to try to bring one of other friends into my larger group of friends and soon enough she told me that she liked him. Well she had just gotten out of a eleven month relationship and I was giving her time. Well my friend has a reputation of ending relationships within the first couple weeks and I would do anything to prevent her from being hurt. Well she told me that he doesn't think that they will last long, but he told me that he loved her and that he was going to try and make it last. Please tell me something to do. Everyone tells me to get over her and find someone else but I can't. I've tried to get over her and it's not as easy done than said.

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    I understand what your coming from. I had the biggest crush on this Guy for 5 years and my best friend knew about it and my 8th grade year she dated him knowing I liked him. I just waited til they broke up and just had to deal with it but I had this horrible feeling knowing they were dating. But anyways since he has the tendency to have short relationships, they will probably break up soon. Also, its not like they are going to get married so they will break up sooner or later.

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    Your playing a dangerious game..If she liked u any more than just a friend she would have told u long ago

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