I don't know how to ask...?

I am your average 17 yr old girl and personally, I want to lose my virginity. Before you get riled up, I'm not doing this for bad reasons. I'm not being pressured by any boy nor do I feel I need to do it to fit in. I feel responsible enough to have this experience and I want to have control over the situation instead of being caught up in some moment or under the influence or something. The problem is finding a boy without coming across too slutty. I have gotten involved with guys, but the idea of sex has not really come up. I would like to bring up myself but not too harshly. My question is how do I bring up the topic of having sex with a boy I am attracted to without coming across too pushy or desperate?

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  • 7 years ago

    You are just 17 and you have lot to achieve in your life. I don't advice you to do anything wrong like this. Concentrate on studies and it will take you a long way. Once you taste this so called sex, it may ruin yur entire life. Think well before you act. It is not wise to be with a boy at this age. Trust me. You should give time. You are too young both physically and mentally to decide what you want right now. So baby plz wait.

    Source(s): I have studied adolescent psychology
  • 7 years ago

    Not possible, if you want to bring up a topic like that so quickly because its something thats on your mind constantly when talking to an attractive guy then you may as well wear a flashy sign on your head that says thirsty. Take it slow, let someone that your in a serious relationship with bring up the topic first. You dont want to scare them away and create a bad reputation.

  • Jake S
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    That’s such a bad idea. You say you are doing it to fit in? That’s basically is being pressured and a bad reason. Stop saying you are responsible you aren’t even sure about doing it then why force yourself to.

    How is having sex going to make you fit in, it won’t , if you can’t fit in then don’t force it by giving into sex , won’t make things better for you, you’ll regret it doing it the way you say.

    It won’t make anything better if you do it because you would have lost it to some random horny guy who you don’t really know or have anything special with him

    Just don't do it and focus on more important things, sex can happen years later when you're ready.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Before you have sex with them make sure you're completely ready for it because you're going to get attached to that boy. But to answer your question, bring it up at the right time. You'll know. Or if you're really that into it then just ask.

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