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Can I still use my laptop if the screen is cracked?

I dropped it on its side tonight while it was open, but it only fell 2 feet and hit carpet. The screen has a very small crack on the left side that looks like there's only a hair on it. Can I still use the laptop? I honestly can't afford even getting the screen fixed/replacing it, let alone buy a new laptop. I need it for school in January because I take online classes, and I'm typing this on my phone right now. Is it safe to use?

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    Yes, it is safe to use. Just turn it on and see how significant the damage really is. Whether it's the the LCD or worse, behind the LCD is cracked or the backlight blew out. If the second two are the case, you can hook the laptop up to an external monitor and use it that way.

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    Your looking at anywhere from 200 to 500 in parts. Then a 50 to 100 labor bill. So thats 250 to 600. If the laptop is under warranty, I can guarantee it will not be covered. I used to be a service manager. Most warranties will not cover a crack in the screen. If this is just being used in the house. You will notice you can plug an external monitor to most laptops. You may have to use the fn and monitor keys to trigger the external monitor. If you can not figure those out. Just plug the monitor in to the laptop while it is powered down. Power it up and the function should kick in automatically. From there you can at least access any data that needs to be backed up, or use it as a desktop. So the answer is this. Pony up the bucks to fix it or use it as a desktop. Sorry for the bad news.

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    If the screen is still functional, it should be safe. If you want to replace the screen it's a fairly easy and cheap process if you want to look at some tutorials on YouTube.

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    yes it is safe. as long as the screen is not opened up (like a hole in it) then there is no problem. you can just replace it with someone who knows a thing or two about computers for only like 40 dollars if you really dont like it

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