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Does Yoruichi in Bleach possess any powers of alchemy?

I asked recently if there are any superspeedsters in comics that have transmutative powers, and was told about the cat-lady in Bleach. I am a Christian - I don't like Bleach, but I would like to know if this character has any alchemic powers. When I said transmutative powers I meant chemical-based powers- acting like a living catalyst, chemosynthesis, inducing chemical things in things, creating things out of thin air, etc. In other words, doing things that superheroes like Firestorm does, NOT SHAPESHIFTING. Does Yoruichi turn one substance into another? Can she synthesize her own weapons, or anything chemical-related? That is what I meant by transmutative powers, NOT TURNING INTO A CAT. Please help. Thank you.

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    nope no noo. I don't know where you got alchemy or anything but i want to remind you bleach has supernatural things natural to it

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    No her speed is not based off of any form of magic or alchemy. Honestly, Yoruichi is not a main character she is more like a support character so her background information is only released in very small portions. Yoruichi was head of the assassin squad so most of her strenght and power is more from intense training over thousands of years. Yoruichi has no weapons she uses hand to hand combat and speed.

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    No she doesn't BUT you're missing out on a good anime. I have a lot of super religious friends and they've watched it and loved it

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