Stretch marks, exfoliate, help?

Ive always been skinny but awhile ago my hips got bigger and I got stretch marks on my butt and it was the red ones that take awhile to fade to white! So far, its getting better but I want to speed up the process. Today I took a bath and exfoliated my butt and right when I got out of the bath I noticed they looked "reder" is it a bad thing that im exfoliating my marks? Should I stop? Will I get more....?

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  • Nancy
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    No, exfoliation won't make any difference to them except making them sore and angry looking for a while. Bio-Oil is what I used on top of Palmers Cocoa Butter and, of course, time. The oils and moisturisers will help to soften the skin and give it more elasticity but it won't fade or clear up the stretch marks you already have. In around a year your stretch marks will fade to a dull pink colour and then get progressively lighter until they're a silvery white colour. They're still noticeable if you look for them or catch them in the right light but there's not as noticeable as the angry, red coloured stretch marks.

  • 7 years ago

    exfoliating is fine and dandy but over doing it can damaged your skin. try maybe exfoliating gently once a week and rub cocoa butter on the are. My stretch marks will never go away but they did fade a bit. I just found some tiny red ones on the back of my thighs so im taking care of it now. i also heard something about lemon juice but you'd have to look it up

  • Honestly I think that you should stop. They might get worse if not more. Just patiently wait for them to fade away.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    lol we all have them, i would not worry about it because if someone is seeing them they should care about you enough not to care about stretch marks

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