How are my rap lyrics so far?

Had difficult weeks but I got through it all

Cause only for the weak there's a collapse and a fall

Through the pain I evolved now no one can stop me

I'm glad that I have what this misery has brought me

It got me where I am with success truly evident

It made me a man with a plan to be excellent

Hope that I'm hesitant if I start to represent

I'll make you wanna join my side and be another resident

But internally I'm struggling, I'm fighting with myself

This stress and depression is bad for my health

Completely unknown I felt all alone

And all of my problems I solved on my own

I never had help but it was later that I learned

If I live by myself there is nothing to be earned

So I started to work with a powerful dream

And it gave me the nerve to express how I think

When I first begun writing it made me believe

That maybe this poetry is all that I'll need......

(That's all that I have so far)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Good, i wish i could write song lyrics for rap like that bc i am hardcore rap and i cant even write anything

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If that's like the style of as•ho•le by Eminem ft Skylar Grey then that's amazing. If you add a slower part in like Skylar greys part in the song it could be really good

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