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Do you agree with me that tonight was one of the weirdest nights for UFC?

Anderson Silva breaks his leg.

Josh Barnett loses in one minute.

Chris Leben quits between rounds.

some of the least likely outcomes happened...

Chris Leben is a tough son of a ***** and he never gives up, I have seen him have wars in the octagon and he be rocked several times and still going.

Josh Barnett is a fighter that has a tough jaw and hardly never loses by KO and he gets destroyed in a minute.

Anderson Silva is well known for having the best stand up game in MMA, he throws a kick and breaks his leg, what are the odds of that?

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    You forgot one..Miesha Tate..trying to take down Rousey..I mean all Rousey knows is throw and armbar..why would you fight her where she is comfortable?!..and yea..it's crazy that Silva broke his leg..regardless who has the middleweight title..The Dragon will be unleashed!(Lyoto Machida)

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    7 years ago

    YES! a real weird night. during the fight me and my buddy were both saying no way hall KOs Leben. Hes too tough and will never quit..... and he did.

    i cant believe how bad barnett got KOd. when they showed him waking up it was kind of disturbing how bad it was. he was even having trouble standing during the results.

    i cant believe the GOAT, the MJ of MMA, the man who brought the matrix to real life, goes out like that. feels like superman died or something. crazy!

  • 7 years ago

    Yup He's done, it's over, retirement the whole Silva saga career ending was pure messed up even from wat he was saying after the first fight u could tell it was coming to an end like he didn't want it any more but I guess he signed the contract so he had to fight him again in which I think he didn't want to fight and he so happen to break his leg real sad.

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