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Guys what does he mean?

SORRY FOR THE READING BUT ITS VITAL:Um I'm thinking guys will probably know. This guy I really love always tells me how pretty I am and how much he loves me. The only reason we can't date is a stupid rule involving lower ranks and higher ranks. Anyways sometimes he mentions other girls and says how he misses um and how good they are(sexualy) but then he manges to say how much he loves me. I'm a virgin he's not he's done it many times before which he openly admitted. He talks about doing things with me and I'm willing because of how much I love him. I don't get jealous easy or get pissed or sad but my heart shatters when he talks about other girls or he calls me stupid or something. The thing that throws me off is he says how he wants to date and marry me cause how amazing I am. Well what I'm trying to get to is what does this mean does he love me or am I a game? I should also add he said I love you first

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    sorry to say but truth is he is a cheater. Don't believe him unless you study him for some more time. Right now it is not good to commit. Be careful coz its your life.

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    no no no. dump this guy. he is using you to get in your pants. he's probably never done it with a virgin and wants to try. maybe it's a bet. don't fall in love with him. he's saying those marriage things to make you love him, but once y'all have sex, he'll drop you. save your virginity for marriage and the guy who truly cares for and loves you.

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