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2013 Yahoo Answers MMA awards.?

This not limited to just the UFC

Biggest WTF moment?

Male Fighter of the Year

Female Fighter of the Year

Men's Fight of the Year

Women's Fight of the Year

Best Upset of the Year

Submission of the Year

Knockout of the Year

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    WTF-Silva breaks his leg

    Male FOTY-(Anybody who says Weirdman is an idiot!..he's a paper champ)..the return of the Phenom..Vitor Belfort coming back after a huge loss against Jon Jones into a more fitting weight class and dominating 3 top 10 UFC fighters all by way of Knockout..Bisping, Rockhold and Hendo!..anybody who says Weidman over Vitor is BS'ing

    Female FOTY-Rousey..I have no respect for her anymore..but people keep fighting Rousey's fight and not their own..so she is the name on the tongue at the moment

    Men's FOTY-Tie(GSP vs Hendricks & Jones vs Gustaffson)

    Women's FOTY-Julianna Pena vs. Jessica Rakoczy..I pick this fight because Jessica was dangerous in standup..while Julianna had adv on the ground..but Pena held her own in the standup and then finished Jessica on the ground

    Best Upset of the Year-I refuse to say the popularity choice..Im going with Josh Thomson over Nate Diaz..before losing to Benson..Diaz was on top of his game..Thomson despite being a good fighter..hadn't been in UFC in awhile..so imo it was an upset..not to mention Diaz had never been TKO'd or KO'd before

    SOTY-Pettis armbars Benson..Didn't expect that to be a first rounder..

    KOOTY- Vitor KO'ing Dan Henderson..Henderson is known for his iron chin and heavy hands..and also the fact he never been KO'd before..then Vitor lands a kick out of nowhere to KO Dan for the first time..IMO..Vitor was the fighter of the year..not to mention..he had 3 fights against 3 top notch opponents!

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    Biggest WTF moment? - Anderson Silva breaking his leg

    Male Fighter of the Year - Chris Weidman

    Female Fighter of the Year - Rhonda Rousey (even tho shes a b*tch)

    Men's Fight of the Year - Melendez vs Sanchez

    Women's Fight of the Year - Tate vs Zingano

    Best Upset of the Year - Weidman's first Silva win

    Submission of the Year - Sonnen's submission of Shogun Rua

    Knockout of the Year - Emanuel Newton ko of King MO

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