Why does the US spend more taxpayer dollars on healthcare per capita than Germany, Australia, UK or Canada?

And then that again on privately funded healthcare?

Note: I said Americans PAY MORE tax for healthcare and then more than the same cost AGAIN for private coverage.


Update 2:

Per capita Rance, per capita.

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  • bob
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    7 years ago
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    It is because the American "health care" system wastes far more on management than other countries.In the USA "health care " is all about profit, not patient care.

  • 7 years ago

    We refuse to see the light of the world telling us how sad we are for being near last in health care for the citizens of this country. President Obama has really shed a bright light on what we have been doing and the lack there of. I know, Corny as heck but the truth is at times.

  • 7 years ago

    1. US needs tort reform. Without it doctors practice defensive expensive medicine.

    2. Insurance companies are not allowed to compete across state lines. They have monopolies and pricing power.

    3. Hospitals must by law treat illegal Mexicans, and poor blacks for free.

    4. Corporations have a tax break for providing medical coverage. This removes individual responsibility from cost of care.

    5. Physicians are not required to quote the cost of care.

    6. The Medical union artificially restricts the number of physicians. US could support twice as many medical schools and physician graduates per year.

    7. 25% of the US population is third world illegal Mexican peasants and black Africans who do not care for their health.

    8. The US government does not allow local farmers to sell wholesome vegetables,fruits,and nuts on the side. The US population is nutritionally starved.

    9. Food companies adulterate most products with salt, fructose, artificial thickeners, preservatives, white flour, hydrogenated fat, ....

    10. Working mothers have no time to cook wholesome meals. Most children are illegitimate or mother divorced.

    11. Physicians are in it for the money. They know zip about preventive medicine. They no less about nutrition.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    1. Healthcare costs in the US are ridiculous. What costs thousands here can cost a few hundred over there.

    2. Since unlike there not everyone here has insurance, tax payers have to pick up the bill when the sick and poor end up in the ER since they can not be refused care.

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  • Kini
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    7 years ago

    Gotta help those insurance companies make billions of dollars each fiscal quarter. Plus we do have more people than all of those countries combined.

  • bw022
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    7 years ago

    The reasons are well known.

    1. Economies of scale.

    2. No advertising.

    3. Lower administrative costs.

    4. Loser-pays legal system.

    5. Preventative care.

    6. Less duplication of services.

    7. Caps on lawsuits.

    8. Lower crime rates, better traffic safety, better law enforcement, national criminal codes, less gun crimes, etc.

    9. Higher education rates and better education on health care, PE, and sex education.

    10. Shorter drug patent periods.

    11. Lower malpractice insurance rates (due to legal system) and fewer unnecessary procedures for liability concerns.

    12. Better social outcomes -- lower hard core drug usages rates, less teen pregnancy rates, etc.

    13. Lower obesity rates -- different foods, difference source countries for immigration, education, food labeling, etc.

    14. Different political systems -- multi-party systems, less political lobbying, less money needed to run for office, etc.

    15. Less distrust of their governments. More accountability, less history of blowing trillions on silly things, etc.

    16. Different populations, political systems, division of powers, etc.

    17. Shorter waiting periods, greater amounts of modern equipment, more doctors and nurses per capita, etc.

    18. Far less illegal immigration. 4% of the US is illegal.

    19. Less fraud. Single payer systems, universal coverage, and more integrated taxation and billing systems makes fraud less likely and easier to catch.

    etc., etc.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think that when you are talking purely about healthcare - the quality and extent of care, the amount of research, the efficiency of data management and the success rate of care, it is difficult to compare any country to the US. I don't know how much experience you have had as a "consumer" of this product, but I have had plenty - a few illnesses and injuries of my own; two parents and two parents-in-law with cancer, raised two children, have had friends whom I've taken to the hospital with heart attacks, etc., and aside from any money issues, this healthcare system is unbelievable. I have never, ever, left the hospital at any time without thinking to myself, "wow".

    I don't know how much money is spent per capita based on these things, but I can tell you that in addition to spending the most per capita on healthcare, we are also the #1 fattest country in the world. Almost 36% of our population is obese - with a bmi of 30 or more. Almost 70% of our country is overweight.


    Overweight and obesity are directly linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, inflammations, infections - they are linked to complications of surgery and difficulty in other medical procedures. It also leads to work related costs - absenteeism, sick days, poor performance.

    Added medical costs - almost $200 billion per year

    Prescription costs - $100 billion per year

    Extra gas to cart us fat people around - $3 billion

    Work productivity - $164 billion

    The list of costs goes on and on. These numbers are not what we spend - but what MORE we spend that is directly attributable to our rampant and pervasive obesity.



    I don't think we can reasonably indict our healthcare system until we address our lifestyle. In fact, having been in both the hospital and in places like Wal-Mart, I'd say that the fact that our citizens live as long as they do is actually a testament to the quality of our healthcare system.

    In fact, by the most exaggerated statistics, only 15% of our country was without healthcare before "Obamacare", and longevity and cost were two of the major reasons that got this law passed. Twice that number is obese, and 5 times that number is overweight - so the argument about free checkups being preventative falls pretty thin.

    Add to that the high cost of defensive medicine - physicians doing test after unnecessary test in order to build a defense file, knowing that based on their medical training these tests are unnecessary, but by living in the real world any smart attorney can convince a jury of anything - the threat of multi-million dollar punitive damages suits, the high cost (in some cases well into six figures) of malpractice insurance, and the cost of unnecessary testing and use of resources makes the cost of treatment soar.

    One more link for you - a very well written article about where our spending goes - from higher physician salaries to more expensive diagnostic testing - to patients asking for more testing to physicians fear of litigation - also brings into account a much, much higher success rate in treating pervasive and deadly diseases like cancer ...


  • Rance
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    7 years ago

    more citizens

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