Does he like me? This is important!!!?

We are both 13. He doesn't have a phone. Ok

I have PE and I also ride the bus with him. We change seats a bunch but I'm normally sitting around him.

When we first started talking he was soo nice and he would be the sweetest thing ever (he still is)

In PE when running he would catch up to me and one day his other friend came up to him and they talked for a while about idk what (him liking someon I guess?) and then I'm like "oh" and he was like "y'know you're quite pretty" and I blushed and said thanks later on the bus he said "hey I'm sorry if I made it awkward" I smiled and said "no definetly not"

He called me beautiful quite a few times and idk he always makes me feel like I'm actually worth more than a pile of bricks.

Once during PE this boy (really mean kinda a bully) was bothering me. I tend to get spooked easily coming from an abusive family and he was like getting all up in my personal space and then my "crush?" (let's call him X) got all mad and was all like "WHAts yOUr proBLEm?!" (It was actually really adorable" and yeah I'm not bullied by the mean boy anymore because X was all mad idk

Also during PE he sat next to me when we took a test. It went

X's friend: hey sit over here

X: nah I'm going to sit with (insert my name here)

I invited X to my birthday party and he didn't come. He said though earlier that he possibly wouldn't have a ride but he would even try to walk to my house if he could. It was during winter break (still going on now) so I haven't heard from him yet. But when school was still on he sounded so exited (I'm a loser in school with few friends so I was surprised he was so eager to come) he said he was going to get me a beanie and a mug and idk it was so sweet that he took the time to learn the things I like and stuff.

For my birthday (like the day of my birthday not the party) he got me chocolate it was so nice of him aww

A few times he brok the touch barrier. Once He instinctively put his arm around me. He knows I'm not okay with the touchy touchy thing But actually when he put him arm around me I wasn't as hesitant or scared as I normally am. I was almost comfortable. But it got awkward because he assumed I would freak like I normally do with other people and he apologized and felt bad. I was like "aw no it's fine!!" But on the inside I'm like "wait no I actually kinda liked that ;-; ;-; ;-;" so idk


Also once on the bus I had no where to sit and he scooted over and made a spot for me kicking out his friend (aka making him sit in the other seat. Lol yes there were other seats I could've sat it but idk okay he just wanted me to sit nxt to him even though it was awkward and I was just on my phone)

Update 2:

Also one day during health I think I was sitting alone and he almost sat next to me but there where no seats so yeah awkward. H had to all the way back across the other room. XD it was adorable though


WAIT ALSO!!!! Do you think it's awkward I got him a stuffed animal for Xmas?????????

I got a bunch of people stuffed animals he was deff not the only one who got one but still.

He really liked it though.

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    Hi well it seems he is crushing on u hence defending u from this bully I guess u both like each other so maybe u need to talk and maybe go out on a date YES? ♥

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