Why do you think the Christian faith holds onto the Old Testament?

God says to stone those who sin in the Old Testament. God says to the Hebrews to go into modern day Israel and slaughter the men, woman, AND children whom we know was innocent.

Do you not feel that the God in the Old Testament is not like Jesus Christ? Who said "he who without sin, cast the first stone" He didn't say stone her to death as the God from the Old Testament would have.

Besides, Christians should follow Jesus Christ teaching since he is their faith.

Does not the Old Testament contradict with the new?

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    First of all, because the Jews were entrusted with the sacred pronouncements of God, it is of great benefit for Christians to read and understand how God dealt with his chosen nation at that time. In addition, prophesies tying in with the Christian Greek scriptures and their fulfillment is also of great benefit, without it you only get 1/2 the account rather than in it's entirety. Also noteworthy is the fact that not only Jesus but also his followers quoted extensively from the Hebrew scriptures. Therefore, any who want to gain a better understanding would read all the inspired scripture and not just what applies.

    With regard to the laws, you may be under the misconception that "no" old laws apply which is not the case. The change from the Israelite to the Christian system of worship could be illustrated this way: A nation may change its constitution. Once the new constitution is legally in place, people are no longer required to obey the former one. Even though some of the laws in the new constitution may be the same as those in the former constitution, others may be different. So a person would need to study the new constitution carefully to see what laws now apply. Additionally, a loyal citizen would want to know when the new constitution went into effect.

    In like manner, Jehovah God provided over 600 laws, including 10 main ones, for the nation of Israel. These included laws about morals, sacrifices, health matters, and Sabbath-keeping. However, Jesus said that his anointed followers would constitute a new “nation.” (Matthew 21:43 see also Jeremiah 31:31) From 33 C.E. onward, this nation has had a new “constitution,” founded on two basic laws—love of God and love of neighbor. (Matthew 22:36-40) Although “the law of the Christ” includes instructions that are similar to those in the Law given to Israel, we should not be surprised that some laws are very different and that others are no longer required.

    Does this change from the Law of Moses to the law of the Christ mean that God has changed his standards? No. Just as a parent will adjust the rules he makes for his children, taking into consideration their ages and circumstances, Jehovah God has adjusted the laws his people are required to obey. The apostle Paul explains the matter this way: “Before the faith arrived, we were being guarded under law, being delivered up together into custody, looking to the faith that was destined to be revealed. Consequently the Law has become our tutor leading to Christ, that we might be declared righteous due to faith. But now that the faith has arrived, we are no longer under a tutor.”—Galatians 3:23-25.

    I hope that helps

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    No, the Old does not contradict the New if you know the whole of it! The problem is that people cherry pick specific passages to show what the Old Testament teaches as opposed to the New where in fact you can't have the New without understanding the Old, you would not even begin to understand why Christ came and for what purpose or even the need for His coming. The Old actually forth tells the coming of the New, and in fact those individuals who knew this were in eager expectation for the consolation of Israel. So it is there can be no New without the Old and there can be no Old without the New they are both complimentary of one another.

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    You will need to read what the Old Testament says, but I'm pretty sure you never will. You just might learn that your preconceived ideas are not correct, and so you'll never read it.

    It's all good, however.

    You don't need to read any scriptures. They help, no question, but, no, you absolutely do not NEED to read them.

    I know lots of folks who are just really nice folks who have no interest in religion, so I know that's true.

    So what's the point? Well, having read them, I know what the point is, but in order for you to get a clue, you'd need to read them, and I'm not just talking snippets, or just reading them as in, "Let's see what kind of BS I can find in this garbage!"

    I'm absolutely fascinated by the scriptures on so many levels. I think anyone who really gets into them is similarly intrigued. But I'd be making it up if I said it was the only show in town, or that it's indispensible.

    But it's also true that you really shouldn't try to knock something when you have no clue what it is, and until you have swum in the ocean, you have no idea what it's like.


  • 7 years ago

    the old testament is part of the Christian faith because it supports some doctrines but the punishments that you are talking about, are from the torah and they are exclusive unde the temple not under the God's grace through jesus christ

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  • I'm a weird bird. I think in terms of abstract principles so when I communicate I'm trying to convey a principle which is universal and applies to all aspects. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who 'hear' in terms of literal and concrete terms, and simply miss the point altogether.

    If you think in terms such as I do, you can easily see repetitive patterns and themes running throughout the Bible from beginning to end and that it is all in harmony. Unfortunately, most are pedantic and literal, not to mention outright deluded. Its clear that the Bible is not to taken literal, and that it does contain delusions of the interpreter's as well as dogma and tradition from days gone by.

    Its an esoteric book, and so contrary to popular opinion there be few who understand it, and therefore the majority have absolutely no idea whats it on about, though they think they do. Hence all the argument and apparent contradiction.

    They misunderstood it then as much as they do now, so much so that they killed Christ because He thought of Himself as God. A claim which we can all make if understood rightly. But of course, this message then as now is contrary to what the world, including religion, would have us believe.

    This church, that church. This preacher, that preacher. This doctrine, that doctrine.

    Eye's but cannot see, ears, but cannot hear.

    Angry dog's fighting over the scraps of the Masters table, competing, striving and fighting, completely forgetting about the Master who gives liberally to ALL who ask and seek from HIM.

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    7 years ago

    The Old Testament remains to show us what Jesus saved us from.

  • 7 years ago


    Jesus is the God of the Old Testament, and He never said to go into "modern" Israel, it was "ANCIENT" Israel and the victims were definitely NOT innocent.

    There is NO contradiction between the OT and the NT.


  • 7 years ago

    For one reason only- they claim that it holds prophecies concerning Jesus; thus, it's considered proof that he was the Christ and purportedly legitimizes Christianity.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It's not about testament.

    I don't think faith also has fashion.

  • Matt
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    7 years ago

    They only hold onto the verses that are convenient for them and some can't see the hypocrisy.

    I.e. Having the leviticus verse about homosexuality being an abomination tattooed on your back is a one way ticket to hell

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