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How to get rid of an eye infection in kittens?

I have 3 kittens they are about 3 1/2 months old. They all are developing what seems to be eye infections. It started out with one kitten and now has spread to all three. The eyes are watery with an ooze I would say coming out. When the one kittens wakes up his eye is stuck shut. I have used warm water on a clean rag to wipe the eyes and a salin solution to rinse and flush the eyes out but it doesn't seem to be helping. And whenever i go to clean the eyes or even touch them they freak out and scratch me all over. At the moment I do not have the money for a vet visit nor the cost of the medications. Is there any other home methods I could use to clear the infection. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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    I am going to get some thumbs down for this, but I am old enough to remember when people were intelligent enough to do some of this vet stuff at home. I am not one of those people who think that only the rich should have a pet.

    I have often treated bacterial infections in my horses and cats with an OTC Terramyacin ointment. Pfizer is the main supplier and for some reason this product is hard to find right now. I checked Doctors Foster and Smith's website and they dont expect to get it in until the end of January. Back in late summer I needed some of it for my horse and had to order it from Ebay. It was manufactured in another country by Pfizer. The directions were not in English on the shipment I got, but it was new, unopened tubes in the original boxes.

    Cleaning their eyes with a saline solution is helpful, but will not cure it. Make sure you clean each eye with a clean cotton ball soaked in the saline, starting at the corner of the eye and wiping outward. You may need several cotton balls for an eye that is really matted. Be careful to prevent cross contamination by using a used cotton ball on another eye, even on the same kitten. When you get the antibiotics, again be very careful about cross contamination. Use the medication until the eyes are completely well plus a few days.

    There are other diseases that can cause sore eyes, but if this is a bacterial infection, the terramyacin ointment should work. If the kittens have other symptoms, such as sneezing, discharge form the nose or coughing, they do need to see someone for oral antibiotics.

    Try "scruffing" the kittens by pinching grasping the skin on the back of their necks. You might also try wrapping them in a towel before trying this. You made need a helper, but scruffing often keeps them calm enough to allow you to work on them.

    Michelle, contact your local shelters and rescues and inquire about low cost spay/neuter programs. They are out there. You might even try to Google it and see what you can come up with.

    If everyone who didnt have money to take their pet to the vet right now, TODAY, took their pets to the shelters tomorrow, I wonder what would happen to many of those pets.

    Saline solution is safe and you can make your own or buy it from farm stores, Walmart and other places. Saline solution is a standard eye wash for most pets. Here is a link that has a recipe for the solution and some other cat care tips: http://www.littlebigcat.com/health/feline-conjunct...

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    Source(s): This is my boy Wild Thing. I had to rescue him form a "rescue". He had sore eyes when I got him as a kitten. He is healthy now and weighs about 15 pounds. Here is the link to the medication on Ebay,. The seller has a 100% approval rating and offers free shipping. I hope this helps. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-3-5g-TUBE-TERRAMYCIN-CA...
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    This cat you rescued probably has more then just an eye infection. He NEEDS to be seen by a vet. He could have any number of virus's. I hope if you have other cats they are kept far away from him. He could have a simple eye infection but I doubt it. Yes you can try the terrimyician , if that doesn't work he probably has something more serious. To be honest it does sound more serious. Call all the shelters, vets, rescue groups, to see if they take payments, or will they take the cat and rehome him. If you can't afford to take care of him, maybe you should find a different situation for him? Good luck

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    I did a google search of this also and some people have had luck with triple antibiotic ointment, such as neosporin. The kittens do need a vet to properly treat them, but it you have some neosporin perhaps you could use this until you're able to get them to a vet. Good luck with your kittens and ignore the HATERS!

    I'm with Brenda, there use to be a time when people treated everything at home and didn't run to the vet everytime something happened. You people don't know the situation, she just said she "had" some kittens. Maybe some dirtbag dumped them on her doorstep, I live in the country and it happens to me all the time, I end up with strays and most of them have issues, I treat them as best I can, but where I live the only "No Kill" shelter is usually over run, so I'm pretty much on my own.

    I hope the kittens get better!

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    If it's an infection then you need antibiotics to clear it. You need to go to the vets for antibiotics.

    This could be caused by anything from cat flu to conjunctivitis.

    Washing the eyes regularly isn't going to help, and if not cleaned properly the things you are using to clean the kitten's eyes can make the problem worse.

    Did you adopt all the kittens at the same time or were they bred by you & you're looking to rehome them? I would be looking into getting in touch with a rescue organisation that you can surrender them to so that they are able to treat the kittens & get them fully vet worked before finding them new homes.

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    They need a VET. So either get them to one or give them up to a no-kill shelter. You should have treated the first one that got sick but you didn't so now they're ALL sick. It's probably an Upper Respiratory Infection that will only go away with antibiotics. Do nothing and they'll just get sicker and DIE.

    And let me guess - these are your own cat's kittens since you didn't bother to get her spayed and KNOWING she wasn't still allowed her around unaltered males? Seriously - you have NO business being a pet owner!

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    If you cannot afford to get medical care for the kittens, the infection will persist. There is no 'home remedy' for feline eye infections.

    This is a serious infection and will cause blindness if not treated properly.

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    Your kittens have an upper respiratory infection, runny eyes are classic symptoms. Your vet will give you eye drops (Torbramyicen or Gentamicin)" to clear them up. Upper respiratory infections do not clear up on their own, you will have to seek veterinarian care. Saline is "salt" and you are only causing more irritation to the problem. You also need to have them vaccinated, this will help prevent further problems.

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    A vet

    You can't treat conjunctivitis at home. You need to take it to a vet or they will go blind due to you refusing them vet care.

    If you dont have money for vet care then you have no business having pets and need to surrender them

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