A mutual friend is sabatoging my relationship, what should i do?

My girlfriend and i have been dating for close to a year now and we met through a girl that she was best friends with and i was almost involved with. This girl wanted me to like her but i ended up with her best friend (my gf). This girl had a history of breaking couples that she was friends with apart (at least trying to) and after comparing notes, my gf and i have noticed that she seems to be poisoning our relationship. Others have noticed and agree. I just dont know how to handle this. I trusted this girl as a friend and now im reluctant to cut her off completely, but i hate her for what shes trying to do. I love my girlfriend more than anything and all my friends know that, so should it even be a question in my mind?

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    It's a tough situation for sure. The solution to me would be to sit the girl down one one one and tell her that you realize what she is trying to do. If she doesn't buy it from you, then your gf will have to try to talk some sense into her. If neither of you get through to her, she is clearly selfish and not much of a friend anyway.

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