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Could I be pregnant? Please help!!?

So I am freaking out because on November 5th my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. I have always had a regular period that started the 11th of every month. The month before in October I didn't start till the 18th though. So after the 19th of November I still hadn't started so I got worried I may be pregnant, some signs were apparent like breast tenderness very bad and my discharge changed and had headaches and some other stuff. So on the 24th I took two pregnancy tests that came out negative then the following day I started my period(or what I think was my period) is wasnt like one of my normal periods the bleeding was a little different from what I remember I think chunky and alot. But I figured okay I'm off the hook I'm not pregnant. And now it is December 29th and I have not started my period yet for this month. My breast hurt, seem to be a little bigger, and I've had lower back pain and abdominal cramps, oh and an on going headache. Please help me out :/ is It possible I culd be?

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    If that was your first time having sex, it could definitely mess up your period tendencies. If you're regularly having sex since then that it could also change things. If your body is just getting used to it all it's shift and change as well. Give it time to adjust, and if you are very worried, you may want to check out a doctor. You'll get a forsure answer from them :)

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    Some girls do have their period when they are pregnant but having sex can also mess up your period and make it late but if your getting bigger I would see a doctor or if your just eating alot cause your worried that's what happened to me when I thought I was pregnant so my mom took me to the doctor and I wasn't pregnant just stressing...but yeah I would get to the doctor

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