How do I get a Windows 7 folder to recognize me as administrator?

I'm logged in the Admin. name and everything but the darn thing still won't recognize me.


Windows Media Player folder; I'm trying to delete it so I can hopefully re-install it so it works right. I finally succeeded in getting the control away from the damned "TrustedInstaller"; now it says that must get "Franks" permission even though I'm logged on as "Frank", *SIGH*.

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  • Nahum
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    7 years ago
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    What folder, specifically?

    It is possible for Administrators to be excluded from a folder's security settings, most likely in cases where only the operating system or other processes should be handling its contents.

    Administrators generally can take ownership of many folders or files, which in turn may grant them rights as "CREATOR OWNER" and the ability to set other permissions.

    Did you transfer the folder from another computer? The folder may have permission entries for its original administrator, but these entries are considered foreign by your computer.

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