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I am a freshmen guy, and really like I junior girl?

Hi, Im will and I am in love with this junior girl. Im 15, shes 17. She moved from Texas in late october, and the day I saw her I knew I liked her. I had some issues in my life and I talked to her about it, and she gave me her number. I have texted her some every now and then. Lately, things have started picking up. We have been texting late at night, and I have told her about how I am attracted to her. She doesnt understand, but accepts it. She told me shes been talking to this other guy, and she said Im special though. This other guy is older, but she doesnt care about age that bad. She said that there is a chance I could be with her, and that we would have to cherish the time we have together. I really love this girl, and all I want is to be with her. How do I show her that she needs me more than this other guy? And how do I tell her how much I like her? I cant let her slip away, I would regret it my whole life. What is a beautiful thing to tell her that would make her fall for me?

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    Im sorry but she was only being polite 2 u, your 2 young 4 her

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