How do you come up with an emotional conflict for a couple in a story?

Romance is really hard and I am writing a story with a lot of it in it.

I have more than one couple in my story but only one is giving me trouble. The problem is the guy is the most masculine of the group of male characters. (He he doesn't just have a six pack, he is like, buff! he also is a bit of a loner but is a great team leader! he just looks like a goth... he really isn't though. He seems to me to be very caring and respected. He also worries a lot for his team.) And the female character is one of my least developed... Yet she is smart, wise, but doesn't have much going on in the looks department... So I know they have a lot of contrast. they do have similar backgrounds and sort of have similar personalities.... the girl is not shy but uses a lot of logic. Both of them are missing a parent that died when they were young.

I have trouble because I am not too familiar with the workings of Men's minds... which is why i have trouble with the guy. I do not really need advice on character development but I cannot develop them unless I find some emotional conflict to happen between them. my other characters already have them.

one couple does not really understand emotions, both very stoic. (they also have a bunch of other stuff...) another is that the girl actually has a phobia which is a fear of love. my final one is that they both harass each other a lot! the girl is very sarcastic.

In a nutshell, I need an idea for an emotional conflict (like but different from; them hating each other but ending up together, star-crossed lovers, and having one refuse to love because they are afraid.) for a couple (described above). I just need a list of ideas really. If i could have some reference guide to different Emotional conflicts that I could choose from that would be great! (Not like a website but like just a list of all of the different ones you can think of)

So far, all they are doing is being awkward and shy. lots blushing and it is ridiculous.

I was thinking of it becoming one sided (like the song 'melt my heart to stone' by adele) yet I do not think that will work.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Romance is really hard and I am writing a story with a lot of it in it. B

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    Uhm I will give a list. Hopefully it is helpful?

    One person is more independent than the other. One is much more needy. The other gets annoyed.

    One person is busy with work and the other wants him/her to spend more time with them, even though they can not.

    One person is flirty, the other person does not like it.

    One person is pushy, the other person finds it annoying.

    One person cares more about the other.

    One person is less willing to compromise than the other. One person always has to be right.

    One person is not as supportive to the other's dreams or interests. He/She undermines their wishes.

    One person is possessive and controlling.

    One person is a selfish lover. Gets what they want from the union then quickly leaves to be by themselves.

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