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Is the Empathy Quotient test a joke?

Me and my Aunt both took the Empathy Quotient test online. I got on average a score around 21 indicating a deficit in that area. My Aunt got around 50, which is marginally above the norm of what stands at a score of 45. Though I cry more while watching movies like 'Titanic' and even movies she does'nt find said like 'The Wrestler' with Mickey Rourk or 'Moon' with Sam Rockwell. I also seem to feel more remorse for both the victim and victimizer then her, rather then just the victim on related stories that have been put in the media or the news and feel a lot of guilt and regret with the thought acting in malice or lieing about something.

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    Being empathic is the capacity to put yourself at the place of the other person

    If someone is poor ; instead of saying ;; they are poor because they are to stupid to organize their life

    you go to them and help ;; with food ; money clothes ;;; etc

    and if someone is in jail ;; instead of saying Good ;; he / she deserve it

    you are saying ;; I have sympathy for them

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