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How do you become a professional Mixed Martial Artist?

I'm not saying I want to be in the UFC but I want to be a pro mix martial artist. Does anyone know how to become a pro?

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    Well first you have to take of martial arts then when you start getting good, people will start to watch you at competitions and such. When people are watching you have a good chance of making it to pro.

    It's much harder than it seems so don't get your hopes up too early.


  • Tom
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    The same way you become a professional baseball player, football player, basketball player, etc.

    You work hard, you train hard, you exercise, and you put all of your heart and soul into it. And while you're doing this you go to school, get an education, and have a backup plan for when you don't make it as a pro.

    I hate to break it to you but the bottom line is that if you're asking how you do it, you probably don't have what it takes. If you did, you'd already be working on it, finding a way to be at the best school, and doing the things to be one of the best.

    Source(s): 12 years of martial arts study and instructing
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