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Ladies, would this be a good hairstyle?

Ok so basically I am going to be playing the main protagonist in our school movie "The story of a Propaganda Artist" where my character is severely and brutally bullied because of his short stature,scrawny physique, and striking blue eyes(I'm half german half filipino and that's why I have blue eyes). A leader of a rising fascist and eugenics supporting group sees this and has the young artistic teen become the propaganda minister/artist of the group. The main themes are Fascism, racism, and bullying.Sorry for the background but anyway the whole group who is playing the fascism gang is going to cut their hair into a Hitler Youth cut so would this be a good hairstyle for us?

Picture of me

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    bro you hair cut suits you pretty darn good. im so jelly lol. I like it and are those really your eyes or did you like photoshop it to make it look brighter? anyways the haircut is good! :)

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