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Please help me and my best friend?

Please in desperate need of help, my mouse is hurt!!!

Ok so I have a male hairless mouse who I love so dearly, he is my best friend. I also have a female black haired mouse. They have been fighting apparently, and now my hairless has an infected sore, on his stomach, it looks terrible. He is also really dried up, I think he is going to die. But if not what meds, antibiotics, anything can I do For him, I might be able to take him to the vet but I don't want to unless it's die hard, help me please.... It will crush me if something happens to my buddy.

He is able to eat and drink but it's late and he dozes off so I wake him up because I'm afraid that if he goes to sleep he won't wake up

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    Yes I was also thinking the same, if it's bad take him to the vet or go to a nearby pet store and see if they have something that could help and about him sleeping I don't think it would hurt, it might be good for him but I'm not for sure. And also try to not to over feed and water him

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    You should not put them in the same cage get other cage for him he will be okay don't worry if you think he got hurt really bad take him to the vet if it's a little sore nothings going to happen but if it looks bad then I think you should take it to the vet

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