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what your opinion on this feeder crickets?

ok so i bought some feeder crickets for my bearded drgon and i use some tto breed also. but my cat somehow reached in the tub and killed a female. i saw when she was killing it but it was to late. and you know since i breed them, i opened her up and she was full of hundreds of eggs!!! little tiny grain sized eggs. i got a tooth pich very carefully not damaging them and put them in my cricket eggs crate. do you think thyre good??or does the cricket have to be alive in order for the eggs to be firtile? i took them out once she died!

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    7 years ago
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    If there's any possibility of hatching them, they need to be in slightly moist warm soil. It would depend on how close to laying the female cricket was. If she was about to lay the egg, they might hatch. If they weren't ready to lay or if they've gotten too cool or dry in the meantime, they won't hatch.

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