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Please answer?!?!?! I really need your help!!!?

So this girl has been flirting with me and I need your help.She always tries to start conversations with me. She touches me for no reason, during class she'll stare at me with a big smile then giggle when I look back. Then she keeps giving me glances and small smiles and keeps blushing. She playfully teases me with the dumb jokes my friends tell me. When I play basketball she'll stop and watch me and give me a huge smile when I look back. In the hall we play fight. One time I caught her holding my hand while she had me cornered while we were play fighting. She even made a game where I feel on her stomach and arms and she starts to play with my hair and feel my back. Whenever we pass each other she starts smiling and moves into my personal space. She started to do all this to me during the 2nd week of school and hasn't stopped. Were in the 8th grade.

In class she slowly brushes past me and throws a pencil or eraser at me to grab my attention then start conversations with me and smiles the whole time. She laughs at the embarrassing stories I tell when nobody thinks they're that funny. When its time to go to class she'll run to me and slap the back of my head and jog back to her line smiling and laughing. During free time in class she'll sit by me and follow me all around the classroom. She always plays with my backpack, folders, bags, etc

So what I'm asking is

- What should I do when flirting with her?

- When is the best time to tell her I like her and what do I say when that time comes?

- On a scale of 1-10 how much do you think she likes me? (10 being the best)

- What are some things I can do to show her that I'm interested?

- Do you have a question you need answered?

Thank you for reading all that and answering and happy holidays!!!

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    7 years ago

    Ok dude it's time you just tell her. She obviously like you. On your scale it's pea ably a 23 no joke, so go for it. You don't drive yet, but I'm assuming your parents know. Just ask her to a movie. That way she knows you like her back. After the movies ask her out on a second date. BOOM! Her answer dictates where your relationship will go. I yes then you got yourself a girl. If not then forget about it there are pretty of other girls out there. Especially when you get to high school. Bottom line go for it!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    She's obviously into you.

    If I were you I wouldn't tell her that you like her. It's too straight forward.

    Instead, tell her she's cute and that you want to take her out somewhere or that you want to hang out.

    You've already got her all over you and you haven't even hooked up. Imagine once you do.

    Good Luck.

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