Does she like me and is she too shy to adment it?

Okay so I recently started talking to this girl on kik we started to get to know each other and eventually I told her she was gorgueous all that romantic stuff she told me that she really enjoys talking to me and stuff she really doesn't say that I'm handsome or anything I'm usually the one who complents her and tonight I told her good night gorgueous and she said good night amazing person.. I was happy and sad at the same time.. Does she like me and is she too shy to say or does she not like me

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  • 7 years ago
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    So I think she likes you but is afraid to admit it.

    Given that you've been talking to her on kik, I think that she has the concept of "stranger danger" in the back of her mind and is afraid of liking someone that she doesn't really know.

    But at the same time, I think she likes you because she keeps talking to you, accepts your complements, and does not shut you down.

    My advice to you is just to get to know her more and she'll become more open to you. Also, don't come on too strong, but keep up little things like calling her gorgeous and stuff (but don't say it too often). Also, girls love it when you say good night to them, so don't change that either.

    Good luck!

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