Spark arrestor inserts?

Hey, i have a 2013 Kawasaki kx 250f and i race on tracks alot. Now i want to be able to trail ride with my friends and was wondering if i could buy a insert for my current stock exhaust system instead of buying a whole new one? Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    depends on state laws and the trails you want to ride , some federal laws also for Park service, USDA lands. A 2013 trail bike will be expected on federal lands to be under about 92 decibels- might be 86 decibels now- and have a double baffle or cyclonic spiral section to act as spark arrestor to keep the trees from being burnt down. California is tougher on noise and spark arrestors on the public park tails. Locally many of the ATVs and dirt bikes that fail inspection get a small engine muffler/garden tractor added and then pass inspection- the muffler are about #20.00 for a 8 to 12 hp small engine and $30.00 for the 16 to 20 hp small engines- and the Ford Tractor N series is about $25.00 - less on special- at farm store and will handle a 500cc single with straight pipe that got ticketed. It is a blocked vented tube Stanley that has double expansion chamber so quiets and control sparks fairly well- it was designed for a 2liter/2000cc/120 cubic inch 4 cylinder flathead running 1500 to 2000 rpm farm tractor- and quiets down 650 Triumphs that have also been noise ticketed or a Sporty. Other one used is the large Kohler command V twin utility muffler with the extra spark arrestor baffle tip- that is good for large Briggs also but is about $60.00 to $80.00 but has a forest service certificate to begin with. Check Kaw dealer and see what is shown for Forest Service use, California market state parks- might have a simple inner baffle and a outer spark arrestor spiral deflector can as a add on relatively cheap. other wise measure pipe end diameter and check the lawn and garden shops.

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    Don't quote me, but I do believe the sound test is the same for trail as is track. 89 isn't it? I can't remember I know mine passes when I race CC. Season kicks of here January 18th at prairie city(D36).

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