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After i graduate i want to go to cosmetology school, but...?

I feel like people will be like "she didn't go to college, so shes dumb". I'm not dumb, I just don't see myself doing anything else. I love doing hair and makeup and things that have to do with beauty. I just find it fun and enjoyable. But then I see people in my class getting accepted into high level university and it makes me feel like crap. I mean I wouldn't be accepted into those colleges anyway because I'm not one of those crazy smart straight a people to beging with. My sister goes to community college right now plus working a job and shes stressed out all the time. She in debt so much with college and it hasent even been 2years yet. And the career shes going into isn't one that's gonna make her rich, its average so she doesn't even know how she'll pay it off. So I'm thinking why should I go to college and go in debt to become something I don't want to be? Why not go do what I love and only take one year to complete cosmetology school. Yes still a lot of money but not as much as college is. I mean I can always go to college in the future, and I would have a job as a cosmetologist while going. Pretty much everyone in my family thinks i should go to cosmetology school, so no ones against me. But my sister told me once " your not gonna make as much money as me, why would you do that, its stupid" but honestly i dont wanna do anything else besides cosmetology, ive always loved it. I would cut my stuffed animals hair and put make up on them when i was little, and i would like show them off to Has anyone been in this situation? I'm kind of just lost and confused....

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    I have been a hairdresser for YEARS. My advice. Go to school and get your hair license THEN apprentice at the best shop in town. Then start getting a client file with addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and details about their color, etc. Maintain this file as you need to build your business by using it. It takes about 5 years to get established. Continue advanced courses at Sassoon or Paul Mitchell, etc. You will need to sell yourself and lots of products to make ends meet. Don't move from shop to shop. You can and will make over 300.00 a day if you are good. If you are good and do ethnic hair you can make 500-600 a day. My best day has been $615.00 just doing highlights. Go for it but I also went to art school and got a degree. The more education the better and you better take business courses. Good luck missy! It CAN be done!

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    Dont worry about what other people will say, this is your life not theirs. Being successful at a trade is just as good as a degree.

    Its hard work but worth it. I got my license at 17 and while I did go to college anyway I will still have it just in case.

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    It's great to have a goal & to know exactly what you want in life. Not everyone is so fortunate. I think you should do what makes you happy & there isn't anything wrong with being a cosmetologist.

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