My brother constantly hits me?

My brother constantly hits me. Everyday when my parents leave me and him alone with my great grandma the harassment begins. He'll either hit me, throw some heavy object at me, claw at me, bite me or even threaten to kill me with a knife. This has been happening for months. For example today I was making cake and he asked me if he can crack the eggs. He's not good at cracking eggs and always makes a mess. So I POLITELY told him no. He got so angry at me that he slapped me in the arm repeatedly, threw a bowl of fruit on the floor, then kicked me in the stomach and knee really hard. Last week I wouldn't let him eat a chocolate bar because he didn't eat his lunch yet. He didn't listen to me and took it anyway. So I grabbed it from him and he screamed at me saying im the worst sister ever. I told him not to say that but he said he doesnt care. Then he grabbed a knife from our drawer and told me he was going to kill me if I didnt give him the chocolate bar. So I gave in because he was holding a knife to my face. This wasnt the first time. He's threatened to kill me multiple times. HE ABUSES ME EVERY SINGLE DAY TO THE POINT WHERE I CRY FOR HOURS!! I tried telling my mom he needs therapy because this isnt normal but she told me that i dont know what im talking about. I tell my dad everyday but all he does is push my brother and tell him if he does it one more time he'll be in serious trouble. Then he never actually does anything else. Sometimes they even tell me its my fault because I should be nicer. But please tell me this isnt normal please? What kind of brother tells me he's going to kill me? im 14 and he's 6 if that helps at all. Please tell me what I can do? I cant take this anymore please help me

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    hey I think you should tell someone else maybe a relative you trust or something, my brother used to annoy me too and my parents would always do nothing because he is so spoiled , i did record him harassing me and I showed it to my uncle , it took him a long time to behave properly but it is all worth it, let someone other than your parents know about this, this is the main key , my parents got embarrassed when I showed the video to my uncle and that's what kinda helped me, maybe when you tell someone else they will get a wake up call, another I did that helped MAJORLY is to stop giving two f@cks about him and I just left him alone, I tried to stay away from him and I did what he wanted , for example your chocolate incident , I would actually give him the chocolate and leave instead of scolding him so that he wouldn't rage I hope it works out for you, stay strong

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    Avoid being alone with him.

    You are not responsible for your brother, your parents are. However, if they insist on leaving him alone with you, tell them that his behaviour is so bad that you may end up hitting him hard. Ask them to install hidden cameras without telling your brother - make it a condition of your looking after him.

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    Record a secret video of him hitting you. If that does not work then u have to seek for help in school or something and if that does not work smash hes face with a frying pan that should left him with a nasty face and he will regret hitting u rest of hes life alone with a retarted face.

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    he is 6 ? give him a sisterly hiding

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