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After when Browne beats both Barnett and Velasquez, could he become the Jon Jones of that division?

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    7 years ago
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    Tavoris browne impressed me in his fight win Gabriel gonzaga but he looked average ever since. He was caught several times by Overeem until he landed that head kick from hell. I thought it should have been stopped but the referre let browne recover. He won that fight but it was a lackluster performance.

    I think Josh barnett is going to overwhelm tavoris browne and score a second round stoppage. It will be a compeitive fight but I think barnett is too experienced.

    BQ: I don't think tavoris browne is going to be the Heavyweight version of Jon jones because he might lose this fight. In fact, Cain valasquez will run circles around him.

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    7 years ago

    hes not going to beat barnett or velazquez tho so i wouldnt even worry about it

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