She's Out of my League (movie) starring Alice Eve?

What did you think of the movie? Why would a girl like Alice Eve's character go out with Jay Baruchel's character?


He was a nice guy... but that's it. When did he ever say anything funny?

I thought it could have been a great movie if there was actually something there for Alice Eve's character to discover.

Update 2:

Jabra Stone - I didn't like this movie. That's the whole point. It was too unrealistic. If he had been poor and shy but intelligent and funny and kind and generous, then I could understand the attraction Alice Eve's character had. But apart from being nice to her when he returns the phone, what was so great about him?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Because when she first met him, he was the only one acting like a gentleman and not ogling her. He's a nice guy, and has a funny side. Looks aren't everything.

  • 7 years ago

    Why would a girl go after a guy that with low self-esteem, no confidence, and no physical attraction?

    The reason you like this movie is because it is a fantasy, as in You want it to be realistic fiction but it's just Fiction... Like Scientology.

    There was no reason for those two to be paired up in a movie; Alice Eve is way too pretty for that part, and Jay is extremely nerdy, which is why he was cast. The sexy frien of Alice is way too pessimistic, but still makes up for it in the end with her comments that lead Jay to chase after Alice.

    Footlong was the best actor in the movie.

  • 5 years ago

    in the movie she said she dated alot of guys and all of them cheated on her and Kirk didn't

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