Mexico World Cup players?

Why do people keep sayin Herrera will only play the most of the America players. He said the European players will be important so odds are I only see 2-3 America players in the line up

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'd call

    - Raul Jimenez

    - Paul Aguilar

    - Miguel Layun

    - Francisco Rodriguez

    That's it. No Moi, no Medina, no Sambu, no Quik. Those 4 players I listed can do well. Raul needs to gain momentum and to do that he needs to score. Raul has good qualities so even if he doesn't start he's a good Super Sub. Defense it can be Paul and Layun on the wings with Moreno, Rafa and Maza in defense. Peña, Montes and Gio up front with Peralta and Vela.

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    7 years ago

    Chivistas hate it because americas become a great team while chivas made 27 or something points in the apertura and clausura this season and last season. Les arde.

    They think chicha should have a starting spot because hes chicha. He donesnt have many mintues playing with man u and he should statt? Gtfo oribe and vela deserve it pulido and rj9 do as well.

    But I agree layun Jimenez might be the only ones he calls. Idt that piojo is that stupid

    I said layun and Jimenez should get called up. You had nothing to say to what I said. You really due lack any intelligence. Reply to what I said, theonly thing I read was a text full of anger, you mad? Disgusting human being, you are.

  • 7 years ago

    Aguila XV callate la panocha, go get gang banged by Socio Aguila then America puto

    only America players that should go are the ones that AguilaMugi said, and thats it.

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