If you got pulled into a Supermassive Black Hole, is it feasible that you could live forever?

So ok, the bigger the black hole you fell into, the longer you would survive.

So if you fell into a Supermassive Black hole, it's possible you could survive long enough to get past the Event horizon no? as you're being dragged in at the speed of light

so then if you survived past the event horizon you would be travelling at the Speed of light and you would stop experiencing time, so is it not feasible that if you stop experiencing time then you could just be trapped in a limbo like state in the Black hole forever? or would you just be killed from being stretched out like a piece of spaghetti, either way if you stop experiencing time i don't see how it would be possible

nobody really knows what happens once you dragged to the bottom of a black hole

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  • Paul
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    6 years ago

    Yes, somewhat paradoxically you would both live forever and die instantly.

    Now when you say nobody really knows - what you mean is nobody has been actually sucked into a black hole but lots of people know how to interpret the equations and make appropriate predictions based on those equations.

    You don't need to invoke special relativity the gravitational curve will cause time to slow down. However you seem to have misunderstood. Because time slows down you don't get to experience the passage of time so you won't notice billions of years pass by in an instant. From your perspective you would be spaghettified almost instantly but in that instant you could look up away from the event horizon and see stars forming and dying and even the end of the universe itself all compressed into an instant of time. The rest of the universe looking at you would see the frozen image of you just this side of the event horizon forever. So you are both destroyed in and instant and live forever.

  • 6 years ago

    Let's "pretend" there's no spaghettification.

    Think on this hypothetical :

    You are floating in free space ( un_limited life support.)

    There are no planets and you are in gravitational free_fall toward a massive Sun like star.

    You feel like you're simply floating, weightless, but you are (free_falling) at an ever increasing rate.




    "The star was just to get you in the picture" :

    Now let's replace the star with a super massive black hole, in gravitationally induced free_fall you still do not feel anything untoward and won't do, until you reach something which attempts to slow your fall.

    You would reach and enter the so called "event horizon " (note: the event horizon is a mathematical concept, it has NO physical presence.) you still feel no adverse effects.

    From your point of reference you are still simply floating, you will not reach nor exceed the speed of light, your watch will tick (as seen by your own eyes) at a rate of one tick per second, your heart will beat at normal rate, if you "were" going to die at seventy years old, then you still will.



    Simply : Time for you passes as normal.


    Question everything.

    All the best.

  • John W
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    6 years ago

    You wouldn't actually be traveling at the speed of light, the event horizon is just where the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. General relativity says you would be torn apart by the tidal forces, quantum mechanics says you would be burned. If the Black Hole is sufficiently massive, the tidal effects at the event horizon could be relatively low but it still increases the further you go in. The combination of general relativity time dilation and special relativity time dilation may have you appear to be frozen in time but your mass would eventually radiate back out as Hawking Radiation in trillions of years.

    No, you would not live forever but your fate would be sealed.

  • 6 years ago

    Even with a supermassive BH, your experience is that you would die in just a few seconds, minutes or hours at most.

    BH mass of 100 million suns --> event horizon radius of 3 x 10*8 km --> 16.7 light-minutes. No matter what you do, you're going to smash into the center "thing" (singularity?) in about 53 minutes. A BH of 1,000 million suns might give you 530 minutes to the end.

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  • 6 years ago


    (1) You'd be pulled apart long before you got to the event horizon.

    (2) your speed would probably be nowhere near the speed of light.

  • 6 years ago

    You would get stretched to oblivion by many forces of gravity pulling in opposite directions. Therefore, you would not live forever. There was a show on this today.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    To other people, you would slow down substantially, and live quite a long time.

    To you, your death would be immediate.

    Mind you, time could never STOP, so you would not live forever, but yeah, you would stay in there longer.

  • 6 years ago

    Sure. As long as you have access to food and water.

  • 6 years ago

    your body would over expand to the point all your cells would separate. But boy, it would be an extraordinary death if you could write about it.

  • 6 years ago

    No, sorry.

    You would never reach the speed of light and time would not slow even a little for you.

    . .

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