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How do you tune your drums like this? Please help!!?

I have been searching everywhere and i cant figure out how to make my drums sound like

the drums that this guy is playing on

Can someone that knows a lot or at least something about tuning drums watch at least 30 sec long and tell me how to make my toms and snare sound like that?

Do i need mute rings?

Do i need moon gels?

Do i need sound off mats?

dempers? control rings? Or is it the tunning? GUYS PLZ HELP!

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    7 years ago
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    I can't watch the video on here and not going to watch it on youtube.

    some things you need to understand. All drums will sound different depending on wood, temperature, heads, if you muffle them or not, if you have bottom head or not, how you tune the bottom heads in conjunction with the top heads, acoustics in the room, amplification (using mics), and lots of other factors.

    When I was younger I wanted my drums to sound like those of Carter Beauford from Dave Matthews Band. I bought the same drums (a much smaller kit) and I messed around with them for days and finally got a sound pretty similar and love it. Lately I have played in a Beatles Tribute Band. So I went out and bought a 1964 Blue Oyster Pearl Ludwig set and messed around with those and have a pretty close wound to Ringo.

    Having similar drums to what you are trying to get to helps a lot. But you can mess with cheapo drums and get some similar sounds as well as I have done it with my beater CB set that I rehearse with. But still, there are many factors and it's very difficult to explain. you need to tweak tensions on heads, both bottom and top and try playing in different sized rooms, etc. Lots that goes into it.

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