What comedy show is this?

I last watched it when I was 9 or 10 IDK, but it's a comedy show about a black woman who owns an apartment building or a hotel (I'm not sure if it is hers or what building it is but she works there) and the story mainly focuses on the people who live there. I think the woman is Jamaican maybe because of the way she dresses, and there is this other woman who is a druggie if I'm not mistaken, and the black woman sometimes goes outside the building and smokes with the other woman. The black woman is usually at the frontdesk and there is this maid with an accent who works there too. Any ideas?? Sorry for my bad English!

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  • 7 years ago
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    There was a pretty good TV program titled "227" that centered around 3 different black women who lived in the same apartment building. There was usually a scene when two or three of these women would sit out on the stoop and talk with each other. That scene usually set the plot for that particular episode.

    It starred Marla Gibbs, Alaina Reed Hall and Jackee Harry.

    There was another short-lived TV program that was simply called "Whoopi."

    Whoopi Goldberg played a somewhat cynical and sarcastic hotel owner. The plots revolved around Whoopi's interactions with her steady cast and crew, and the guests who stayed at the hotel.

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