Should I wear the fragrance I received as a Christmas Gift yesterday?

I received some Diesel Zero Fragrance perfume yesterday for Christmas from one of my aunts who probably thought it was the cologne seeing as how the perfume and the cologne come in the exact same bottle so they are very easily to get mixed up, I've spruced it on yesterday and today I'm wearing it. I haven't told her that she mistakenly has gotten me the perfume and not the cologne I'm Not feminine or gay, queer or none of that stuff but I happen to like the way it smells. Should I let her know that she's made the mistake of buying me the perfume instead of the cologne considering I like the smell of it and want to keep it? I'm also worried if anyone else will know that its perfume I'm wearing and not mens cologne. What Should I do?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Don't say a word to your aunt. What she gave you is a lot more expensive than the cologne form of the fragrance. It's also much nicer than the cologne, is the truest form of the fragrance, and will remain truer and more long-lasting on your body.

    You needn't give a second thought to the fact you're a guy. In Europe, perfume is much preferred over cologne by *both* men and women. Just remember that, unlike cologne, a little goes a long way with perfume. So, just put a very small amount on a couple of pulse points (carotid and wrist, for example). That's all you need.

    I personally avoid cologne, much preferring the perfume version of a fragrance. Have you ever been in a place where you ended up with a smashing headache because someone was wearing "too much perfume"? Chances are good they were wearing *cologne*, not actual perfume. That's because cologne has more alcohol in it than perfume, and much of it evaporates into the air around the person, much to the distress of those in the vicinity. Perfume, by contrast, has more oil and clings better to a person. But remember, a little perfume goes a long way! It should never be spritzed all over the way cologne is. Enjoy your gift; it is far superior to the cologne version.

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  • Lilly
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    7 years ago

    No don't say anything just wear it!

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