How do taurus men react to jealousy?

I'm a capricorn female, dating a taurus guy. He's my best friend. When we aren't working we are glued to each others side. Always have fun, I'd say our relationshipis perfect 95% of the time. I get suspicious of him sometimes and I've gone through his phone on many occasions, when he catches me doing that he gets a little angry and then he just gets sad and it hurts him that I don't trust him. The reason I go through his phone is because his ex gf likes to text him on holidays and he hides it from me he says he doesn't want to make me uncomfortable that they were friends long before they dated (long distance, only dated a month) I really don't see the harm in them saying merry Christmas but why does he hide it? I've looked through the messages, nothing bad at all. He barely carries on the conversation at all let alone be flirtatious so why am I so suspicious of him? Will my suspicion and jealousy eventually piss him off and drive him away if I can't get it under control?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Im a Taurus woman I have the same problem with CAP men! I hate it I stopped talking to him. The jealousy. Is okay sometimes. But know.your limits . He must really like you. Because if he didnt he would have been left. Its offensive. To us. Soo if you keep doing it. It going to come off as disrespect. We are very stubborn &we feel like we shouldn't have to proof our self to anyone thats why he hides it. &Like Bella said. We feel like if you can't trust us why would we trust. You. He hasn't given you any reason to be jealous so.why show such an ugly trait that could possibly end something good for you .. if he leaves he wont come back the same ..we are very secure & you should be too. We hate being around negative it kills the fun out of the relationship. . So good luck girl! Please stop looking in.his phone &acting jealous. Your suspicion. Comes from your insecurities sometimes. Women whose used to the same cheating men start to believe thats what they deserve.

    Source(s): Im not saying thats the case with you. But maybe you feel like your relationship is too good true ...but dont ruin it for yourself. You have the right to know if he's the one without pushing him away with petty suspicion..enjoy your relationship &only allow postitive until you know forsure. Our own minds plays tricks with us
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  • 6 years ago

    Yes it will drive him away/ and he'll become suspicious of you and start to question if you're cheating they don't like to be smothered or questioned they're stubborn esp when it comes to their love they never want to be questioned about that. The best way to communicate with him is talk to him calmly on a 1-1 basis and say something like " i just want to be upfront about something I trust you but it does bother me you're still in contact with you ex " then put him in your shoes and ask how he would feel if the tables were turned this would make him see it from your point of view but make sure you're sincere do not attack him. Show him how much you care for him tauruses need to be shown that and he'll be very understanding do not accuse just say how you feel and he'll respect that. Hope this helped!!

    Source(s): Fathers a taurus I've found many ways to work around them :) lol
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  • 3 years ago

    Howdy just read you query possibly this could support ?.. Hope so in any case have a excellent Afternoon :) P.S ( sorry if that is long however it's valued at it :) ) Venus-ruled Taurus is the 2d signal of the zodiac. It’s a solid variety of signal. Taurus’s aspect is earth. Taureans born on the cusp of their preceding sign, Aries, may be a bit of extra fiery and passionate; Taureans born on the cusp of their following sign, Gemini, could also be just a little more quicker and flighty. But a Taurus is a Taurus, regardless. Beauty-loving Bulls who fall for you'll be there for you. They’ll provide a shoulder to lean on and are strong ample to prop you up, if needed. They may be able to be very jealous and possessive. Correctly, Taureans are inclined to horde matters. If a Taurus has fallen for you, he or she will maintain you tight and not want to assist you to go. These varieties don’t fall in love effectively, so when they do, they’ll count on you to be their lady or their man. They’ll be there for you they usually’ll entirely expect you to be there for them. Their feelings tend to show up certainly, and they are able to have a flamable mood. Fortunately, their temper ordinarily doesn’t final long, and they don’t have a dependancy of harboring grudges. In the event you’re seeking to get your Taurus to do some thing, attraction to his or her feelings. That’s commonly the best way to get prior their noted stubbornness. They are able to see your factor of view higher once they’re emotionally engaged, as a substitute than after they’re being affordable and wise. They will seem gradual, unless you get to grasp them. A Taurus is aware of his or her own intellect, and so they dislike exchange. They’re loyal, patient and working out. They love beautiful, at ease environment and are greater than inclined to work difficult to gain their pursuits. Your Taurus mate can be humorous and warmhearted; sympathetic and loving; formidable and constructive. Passionate and romantic, they are usually ancient-customary, and treat their mates with love and appreciate. In the event that they appear slightly slow and plodding, leisure assured that they've a deep streak of normal experience and practicality. A ordinary Taurus in general has a just right head for trade, and both feet rooted solidly on the ground. In most cases, this earth signal is most suitable with the other earth signs, that are Virgo and Capricorn. Their next-high-quality compatibilities are with watery Pisces and melanoma, airy Gemini and fiery Aries. Libra and Sagittarius are viewed to be impartial indicators when it comes to Taurus. Restless Aquarius, dominating Leo and deep Scorpios are quite often now not considered a nice fit for Taurus. For those who’ve teamed up with a Taurus, then you definitely’ve located a good, regular, safe mate. If you wish to hold your Taurus, allow them to be themselves, and deal with them as well as they deal with you and also you’ll have your Bull to snuggle up with and enjoy the finer things in existence.

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