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is there any skaters who have landed a quad loop and quad flip?

because evgeni plushenko has landed a quad salchow, toe loop and lutz, but what about the quad loop and flip? did he just skip those and didn't land them or is there just not any videos of it?

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    7 years ago
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    The loop and flip have never been landed successfully in competition. Daisuke Takahashi was training and attempting the flip a few years back, but never got full rotation in competition; Artur Gachinski was originally planning to add a quad loop to his long program back in 2012, as he was landing it regularly in training, but other problems intervened. Plushenko, coincidentally, does NOT have the record as the first quad Lutz; he stopped training it shortly after trying it because at the time he wanted to focus on his rivalry with Yagudin. Unfortunately, that record goes to Brandon Mroz, a skater who is otherwise pretty useless.

    It is becoming more and more likely, however (in my opinion) that we will see those jumps added to the list soon enough. Joshua Farris can reportedly do every jump as a quad on the harness, and is very close to the loop and flip off it; Jason Brown has apparently mucked around with the flip on the harness as well (and his triple flip is so divine, I can imagine the extra rotation). Max Aaron has also reportedly been training the Lutz and the flip. So I don't think they'll be blanks forever.

    The quad Axel, of course, is another story...

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