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NFC West Playoff Conundrum: Cardinals outside?

Cardinals & Seahawks fans,

Rams & 1849ers fans,

Q 1. What percentage % will the Rams win @ Seattle Week 17?

Q 2. What percentage % will the 1849ers win @ Arizona Week 17?

Q 3. Do Cardinals NEED BOTH Seattle & SCFrisco to lose or just one of them?

source: the schedule

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    Seattle is a 10 point favorite over St. Louis.

    San Francisco is a 2 point favorite at Arizona.

    You can see the point spread for all the NFL Week 17 matchups at:

    The Cardinals are mathematically eliminated from contention for the NFC West Division Title. They can still clinch a playoff berth in Week 17, but that is not at all dependent on the result of the Seattle game. Arizona needs defeat San Francisco AND New Orleans needs to fall to Tampa Bay in order for Arizona to get a wild card spot.

    You can see all the playoff scenarios at:

  • I just answer Q3: Cardinals only need San Francisco and New Orleans to lose, not Seattle because they couldn't catch up to them anyway as the 'Hawks are 12-3 while Arizona is 10-5 now.

    Arizona is in a wild card race with only New Orleans left, both with a 10-5 record, but New Orleans already won against the Cards this year and therefore is in a tiebreaker advantage.

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