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Sword and sorcery amines?

Something like inuyasha maybe some Deltora quest or legend of legendary Hero's I would prefer in the past but I can deal with present/future

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    Well Sword Art Online takes place about twenty years in the future (just for the sake of logic) and basically it's a virtual reality video game setting. So these people get trapped inside a video game based off leveling up certain skills and the fighting technique is essentially swords (hence the name). It's definitely one if my favorites and the art is amazing. Oh yeah and as for the ten thousand people trapped in the video game- if they die then they die in real life.

    Then in the second half of the series there's this other game involved (no spoilers) which is focused on the use of magic as the primary tool rather than swords.

    I'd highly recommend it

    You can watch it here:

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    Legend of korra is sort of sorcery

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