What happened to Alan Turing's boyfriend?

The guy who's flat was burgled and who Alan Turing was with when he got arrested. I am assuming he got arrested for the same thing? What happened to him?

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    7 years ago
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    I am glad you clarified, I was going to ask,

    Which one,

    I think the term rampant springs to mind.

    Not sure the whole thing might not have been a set up anyway, the War was over and many people had nothing better to do, especially Socialists.

    It was a different world, you had to be very discreet, and Turing was less than discreet, while the War was on, it didn't matter too much, once direct hostilites ended it became a different situation.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Alan turing met arnold murray in 1952,they had a relationship,murray was much younger than turing,turiing's flat was burgled and murray admitted to turing that he knew who it was,turing was not ashamed of his homosexuality and i do not think he realised all the s*it that would come down on him by reporting the burglary,during investigations the relationship between murray and turing came out and he was charged along with murray of homosexual offences,iilegal that time in britain,to avoid jail he agreed to be given injections of female hormones,these made him impotent and 2 years later he was dead from cyanide poisoning,murray was given a conditional discharge,turing's security clearence was revoked as the court case became public.Its not known what became of murray,he was 19 at the time,i would presume he just lived his life.

  • owain
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    7 years ago

    Do you mean the rentboy who was half his age?

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