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I really really need gift ideas ! anything you can think of. for my broth mom dad and uncle . Anything will be helpful ! Thank you in advance and Merry Christmass !(:

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    Give the gift of gift cards to their favorite stores.They can buy what they want.Or for your brother whose age we don't know, maybe a sweatshirt.A toy-what does he like?Video game.Movies/CD.Headphones. Remote controlled car/helicopter.Watch. For your mom-a nice scarf.Handbag.Books if she likes to read.Flannel pj set.Candles. Fragrances or perfume.Your dad and uncle-Wallet.Cologne.Coffee basket if they drink coffee.Slippers to wear around the house.Sweatshirt.Blanket.Watch.

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    6 years ago

    Hey, Merry Christmas. Well, I'm terrible at buying presents so for my brother I got him some new socks (I know, lame) and for my dad, I got my mum to buy a bottle of wine. I got my mum a new scarf and a card. I hope they're happy with it haha. Hope this helps :)

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    6 years ago

    ...your (mom) would really appreciate a 7 or 8 inch DONG and a few tubes of KY !) and you dad and uncle would really like a HOT "lap-dance" at the local Gentleman's Club !

    Source(s): Truth over fiction !
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