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MPH degree and jobs - need answer ASAP pleaase. Very stressed !!!?

I am a student of Masters in Public Health (Epidemiology).

I was told I should opt for MPH in Health Policy and Management. But I am not sure which type of MPH (Masters in Public Health) should be better per job perspective. I dont have much idea of job scope after MPH in Health Policy and Management. I am planning to transfer from current university to another university due to location constraint but the university I want to join doesn't have MPH Epidemiology available for me. Please advise which type of MPH is the best bet to find job and more (higher number) of jobs.

I am very stressed as I don't want to make a wrong decision and I don't have much exposure into what is best per job perspective. Looking out for someone to guide me properly.

Also, if someone can tell me, if I can do a dual degree (MPH + Degree /Masters in IT) and if there will be benefits doing a dual degree. What combination of dual degree will be the best? Wondering if I can join IT/Business Analysis jobs (in health related projects) after this degree.

How to find jobs if there isn't a good placement committe in your university? Any links to job portals for MPH jobs?

Please consider me as a layman enrolled in MPH degree but not knowing enough about it.

I need to know everything about MPH and jobs and dual degrees etc. Everything that you can tell me.

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    All mph degrees are in decent demand, but less so for behavioral science and women's health. I think the healthcare policy /administration, biostatostics, and epidemiology are in higher demand. And yeah getting a dual degree is good, but DO NOT get it if u are just getting it because u think it will increase your chances of getting hired, u need to be geninuenly interested and wanting to do the jobs that come with the other dual degree

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