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does anyone want to go to japan with me?

My name is David, im 16, and i want to go to japan when i graduate. Im hoping for a person or couple of people, near my age, to travel with me. If you are interested you can answer of message me on facebook. Im David Henry and i live in Pennsylvania.

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    7 years ago
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    Hi David i am Elena I'm 16 like you and i really wanted to go in Japan and after graduation i will go to Japan :) because this is my plan last year... so i'm preparing to in Japan :)

    you can em@il me for more info. :")

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    7 years ago

    Hey I am as well 16 and I've always wanted to go to Japan . I have actually already been looking into it. How about you email me? I live in mass though. I would be interested, I have ready gotten a job a and I have a GED so I am done with school. Pretty much saving up.

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